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Whiplash is a sprain of the joints of the neck caused by extensive back and forward movement (whip-like movement), usually due to motor vehicle accident but also due to trauma like a fall or a trip.

These movements generate extensive force, which causes your neck to move beyond the normal range of movement and leads to a sprain.

Symptoms of whiplash can vary depending on a severity of it. Sometimes symptoms will not occur straight away after the accident and you might feel them several hours after the accident . The most common symptoms include neck pain, neck stiffness, tingling in the arms and fingers, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.



Physiotherapist will thoroughly assess your injury to establish the best treatment options. Initially treatment will consist of reducing your pain and inflammation and stabilizing your neck. If you are able to support your head and neck, it is important to maintain movement in your neck to prevent future stiffness and muscle wastage. Once your pain level is reduced and neck stability improves your physiotherapist will focus the treatment on improving your range of motion and reduce the nerve pressure. Usually whiplash responds to physiotherapy treatments very well and patients see improvement after a few weeks of treatment.

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