Tips when working from home

Working from Home

Some tips from GEP physiotherapist, Chelsea Smith.

Do you have a good office set up at home?

As the need for social distancing and self-isolation due to COVID-19 continues, working from home has become the new norm for many of us.

While some people may already be set up to work from home, several of us have been thrown into working remotely in less than ideal ergonomic situations.

What are some tips to avoid experiencing pain when working from home?

  • Set up a dedicated office space if possible (how many of us are working at an impromptu desk with kids underfoot right now?!)
  • If you are using a laptop, obtain a separate keyboard or screen to ensure the top of the screen is at eye line.
  • Use a supportive chair... Yes, we know new office chairs can be hard to get hold of at the moment - if necessary, add a small pillow or rolled towel, and try to sit back in the chair so your lower back is supported.
  • Adjust the chair height so your feet are flat on the floor, or use a foot stool if necessary.
  • Keep your arms by your side so you don’t have to reach for the keyboard or mouse.
  • Move more! Ensuring you’re not sitting for longer than 1 hour at a time is important, as is scheduling time for some regular exercise during the day. Setting an alarm to remind you to move or stretch can be helpful, even if just to stand up briefly or get a drink of water!

If you would like more specific advice on your home office set up, or are already experiencing pain and need an assessment and exercise/rehab program please contact our team on 9571 2111.

We are now also offering appointments via video consult (Telehealth), which is an ideal way to look at your individual set up and provide our usual education and exercise.