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Tennis Elbow

Are you experiencing elbow pain and not sure what it is? Do you feel some pain of the outside of your elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis, commonly referred to as tennis elbow, is an overuse injury of the common extensor tendon that attaches to your elbow. The pain you may experience can be localized to the lateral side of your elbow, or it can radiate up your arm and down the outside of your forearm. You may have also noticed some weakness in your injured arm and wrist compared to your non-injured side.

In the early stages of the injury, the tendon can be inflamed. The longer the symptoms are present the greater the changes that occur in the tendon itself, which alter the structural integrity of the muscle and impact how it functions.



Research has shown that physiotherapy intervention can significantly reduce the time to improve pain and reduce the recurrence of injury. There are many different treatment modalities physiotherapists can use to help ease your pain including manual therapy and exercise.

Here at Glen Eira Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are all experienced in diagnosing and treating tennis elbow. Through a detailed and thorough assessment the physiotherapist will work with you to understand your pain and symptoms, and then provide you with the education and exercise to correctly manage your condition, to get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. 

Tennis Elbow Murrumbeena

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