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Promote healing and recovery and improve athletic performance with sports massage.

What is Sports Massage?

Many of us have experienced the aches and pains that can be linked to sports and exercise. This can be a positive sign of your developing strength and fitness. At other times, it may indicate issues that could develop or cause significant discomfort or decreased functionality.

Sports massage is a form of treatment that focuses on the tightness and soreness that training and competing may cause. It also supports recovery and rehabilitation after sports injuries and works towards improving sporting performance.

Various techniques are used by trained and experienced therapists that combine myofascial release, deep and soft tissue massage, and trigger point therapy in a personalised session.

Not only will physiotherapy treat your symptoms for a specific injury, your physiotherapist will provide you with long term health maintenance, and healthcare advice which aims to optimise your quality of life.
What is sports massage?


How Can Sports Massage Help?

Tending to the muscular tension and tightness that can accompany physical activity may help in a variety of ways. Sports massage may decrease pain, tightness, stiffness, and mobility issues. It also has the potential to improve your sporting performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Sports massage engages the fascia, which is an important part of your connective tissues and plays a crucial role in your movement, function, and healing processes. This focus may promote healing and recovery, allowing your body to gain more benefits from physical activity and sports.

There are various ways in which sports massage may help you. Some of the advantages of this therapy include:

Muscle Relaxation

Various manual therapy techniques encourage tension release and the reduction of body stiffness. This not only increases comfort and mobility but may prevent muscle cramps and spasms.

Improved Circulation

Better blood flow may have a significant impact on recovery due to increased oxygen and nutrients. It also may have positive effects on waste removal.

Increased Range of Motion

Sports massage aims to improve flexibility, release tightness, reduce adhesions, and promote relaxed muscles. This may lead to better overall movement.

Better Posture

Correcting or improving muscle and joint weakness, tightness, or stiffness may lead to improved posture, which can help with comfort levels and performance. Sports massage may also improve your body awareness.

Reduced Scar Tissue

Sports massage may help to minimise the occurrence of scar tissue, which can happen after injuries. This aims to improve recovery outcomes.

Mental Focus

Sports massage may help to reduce stress and promote relaxation and sleep quality. This may help to improve concentration and overall well-being, which might positively affect recovery and performance.

Accelerated Recovery

Sports massage may reduce post-exercise soreness and fatigue, allowing you to return to physical activity confidently and comfortably.

Boosted Immune System

Many people notice a positive link between massage and immune function. This may improve your body’s ability to fight illnesses and infections, allowing you to continue being physically active.

Injury Prevention

Our experienced therapists can assess and identify underlying issues and weaknesses and work towards improving imbalances. Alongside the other benefits of sports massage, this may help to reduce the chance of injuries down the track.

Sports massage treatment

Conditions or Injuries Sports Massage Can be Used to Treat

Sports massage may be helpful when treating a broad array of issues, as well as promoting improved physical performance. Some conditions or injuries that sports massage may beneficial for include:

  • Gluteal pain.
  • Hamstring tightness.
  • Iliotibial band syndrome.
  • Shin splints.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Muscle and ligament strains.
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Ankle sprains.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Rotator cuff injuries.

Continue your sporting pursuits with the right kind of support and recovery.

Sports Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us For Your Sports Massage?

We are proud to offer our community high-standard care and treatment in a friendly and professional environment. Our multifaceted care approach means you can access treatment for a range of issues and concerns conveniently and confidently.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Sports injuries, imbalances, and weaknesses can be disappointing and inconvenient when it comes to continuing towards your sporting goals. Our clinic offers a multi-layered approach to care so you can combine different elements into your progress. This may involve, for instance, sports massage and a personalised physiolates rehabilitation program.

Highly Skilled Team

Our passionate therapists are highly qualified and experienced. They are dedicated to supporting you through your journey towards your desired outcomes.

High Quality Resources

We utilise equipment and technology that assist us in providing high standard care to all our patients.


Improve Comfort And Performance With Glen Eira Physiotherapy & Physiolates Centre

If you are looking to improve your comfort, functionality, overall well-being, or athletic performance, sports massage may be a great way forward for you. Please contact our friendly team to find out how we can help you and to organise an initial appointment.

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