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Sports Injuries Treatment Glen Huntly

Sports Injuries

Are you, or is your child playing sport? As much as we may benefit from and enjoy sport unfortunately injuries can occur.

For many sports injuries, physiotherapy will be the main form of management and so treatment can start immediately. Your physiotherapist can refer you to your family doctor or a sports physician if further intervention is required.

sports injury physiotherapy Melbourne

Causes & Treatment

Sport injuries can occur due to overuse or direct trauma. An example of an overuse injury can be tennis elbow and Achilles tendonitis. An example of an injury caused by direct contact can be ankle sprain, hamstring strain, joint dislocation or acute fractures.

Sports Injuries Glen Huntly

Acute sport injuries can be treated for first 1-2 days using principle protocol PRICE. It is always good to start with the following straight after injury happens.

P – Protect (from further damage)
R – Rest
I –  Ice
C – Compression
E – Elevation

Implementing the above protocol should help with the swelling and pain you might experience due to injury, but it is crucial to establish the type of injury you have had to ensure you can return to sport in a safe manner. Some injuries have the tendency to reoccur if rehabilitation is not planned correctly. 

sports injuries

Sports Physiotherapy Glen Huntly

Our Approach

Appropriately designed rehabilitation will ensure that you are able to get back to your favourite sport sooner and without recurring problems in the future. Our physiotherapists will assess you thoroughly and lead you through to recovery.

Using manual techniques, soft tissue massage, strapping, and a tailored exercise program, physiotherapists will work with you to manage your pain, restore your strength and confidence and make sure you are fit to return to sport and continue doing what you love.

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