Shoulder Pain Treatment Carnegie

shoulder pain Carnegie

Do you feel pain when lifting up your arm or when trying to reach for something, or shoulder pain stops you from doing the exercises you enjoy? Is it hard for you to reach behind your back, or you have pain when you are getting dressed?

Shoulder pain is one of the most common problems treated by physiotherapists. The shoulder naturally has a wide range of movement, therefore it is less stable and more susceptible to injuries. Shoulder pain can be caused by various structures in your joint; muscles, ligaments, tendons, or even stiffness in your thoracic spine, or dysfunction of your cervical spine. Shoulder injuries can include, but are not limited to; rotator cuff syndrome, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, biceps tendonitis or bursitis.

Shoulder pain can be very limiting, therefore it is very important to address it as early as possible and start your treatment. Your Physiotherapist will assess your movement, position of your shoulder, muscle strength, and pain provoking posture or movements, to establish what is causing your pain.

After establishing the cause of your pain, your physiotherapist will propose an individual treatment plan. It might consist of muscular release, mobilisation of the stiff join or heat therapy. Your physiotherapist will look at your posture, and technique of the exercise that provokes pain, as it might all contribute to your pain. With shoulder rehabilitation exercises prescription plays an important part. Your physiotherapist will prescribe you exercises to address any muscle weakness, or muscle imbalance you might have, and work on your scapular control.

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