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Sciatica is nerve pain caused by sciatic nerve irritation. Usually sciatica presents with pain around the hip or buttocks and travels down the leg, even to the calf.

Pain can be constant or intermittent and is often characterize as shooting pain, or electric pain down the leg.

There can be many disorders that cause sciatica therefore it is very important to establish the cause of your problem to be able to treat it effectively. Sciatica can be caused by vertebral dysfunction, herniation in lumbar disc, muscle spasm (especially piriformis muscle), poor lifting technique or due to spinal compression or spinal degeneration.


Our Approach​

Sciatica pain can be very limiting therefore it is very important to address it as early as possible and start with your treatment. Physiotherapists will assess your movement, posture, muscle strength and pain provoking posture or movements to establish what is causing your pain.

After establishing the cause of your pain, your physiotherapist will propose an individual treatment plan. It might consist of muscular release, spinal mobilization and advice on how to minimize the pressure and irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Your physiotherapist will look at your posture and lifting technique, as it might all contribute to your pain. With sciatica and lower back pain rehabilitation exercise prescription plays an important part. Your “inner core”, transversus abdominis and your glute muscles are very important in stabilizing your lower back, they act as a corsette and protect your spine. Your physiotherapist will prescribe you exercises to address any muscle weakness or muscle imbalance you might have and work on your core strength. 

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