Pregnancy Pilates Classes in Carnegie, Melbourne

Pre & Post Natal Clinical Pilates Classes

At Glen Eira Physiotherapy, our team of physios offer comprehensive, specifically designed PREGNANCY PHYSIOLATES pilates programs.

Prepare your body for childbirth! Our physiotherapists have a special interest and many years of experience in treating common musculoskeletal pregnancy complaints as well as designing safe pilates programs and classes for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pilates Classes is the ideal way to strengthen your core and help prepare your body for childbirth. Our pilates programs and classes are individually designed. We believe in small group pilates and limit the groups to 4 people.

Physiolates have been providing comprehensive care and pilates programs for over 20 years for women who are pregnant in Melbourne’s South East including; Carnegie, Caulfield, Ormond, Glen Huntly & Murrumbeena.

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Conditions Pregnancy Pilates Classes Can Help:

  • SACRO-ILIAC JOINT PAIN: pain in one or both buttocks with back pain.
  • LOWER BACK PAIN: often caused by an alteration in posture as a result of the growing foetus. It could be cause purely by joint and muscle stiffness or in some other cases by a disc pathology.
  • PUBIC SYMPHYSIS PAIN: pain in pubic region, usually made worse by standing on one leg or excessive separation of legs.
  • CARPEL TUNNEL SYNDROME: wrist pain, pins and needles and numbness in the hand
  • RIB PAIN: caused by the expansion of the rib cage to accommodate the baby.
  • DIATASIS RECTUS ABDOMINUS: This often presents as a bulge running vertically down from the stomach. This is the separation of the tummy muscle caused by pregnancy. It is imperative to catch it early. If you notice it during pregnancy the right advice and exercise is important. It is also very important not to start a gym program prior to advice.
  • THORACIC PAIN: pain around the bra strap area often begins during pregnancy and can be made worse after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates Classes:

Despite how you might feel, it is recommended that 30 minutes of exercise per day during pregnancy—as it provides numerous health benefits including better weight control, improved mood and, obviously, greater fitness. It can also reduce the risk of pregnancy related complications like hypertension and pre-eclampsia.

As your baby grows, the pressure on your back increases. According to the Australian Physiotherapy Association 50% of women will experience low back pain throughout their pregnancy. Pilates-informed exercises can strengthen your abdominal muscles which can reduce the risk of developing back pain. These exercises are also heavily focused around muscular tone and strength maintaining postural awareness. 

Another common complaint in pregnancy is pelvic pain, largely due to the ligaments of your pelvis becoming more flexible to make room for the growing foetus. As you continue through your trimesters your pelvic floor can also weaken, our team at Physiolates can provide exercises designed specifically to strengthen your pelvic floor. The APA states that  “up to 67 per cent of women will leak urine (incontinence) when they laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise during pregnancy but those with stronger pelvic floor muscles are less likely to leak during pregnancy and after the baby is born.” (Australian Physiotherapy Association)

As pilates-informed exercises are heavily focused around breathing, it can teach you how to control your breathing while you are pregnant. Controlled breathing during labour can assist with the long, tiring hours of childbirth.  The benefits of these exercises in pregnancy include reduced lower back pain, improved recovery time after childbirth and a general easing of the daily challenges you may face while being pregnant. 

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Our pregnancy physiolates pilates classes may be claimable through your antenatal cover on Private Health Insurance.

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