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The Effects of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful time, but it certainly comes with its challenges. Entering those early stages of motherhood takes a severe toll on the body, placing huge demands on physical well-being. Areas such as the hips, pelvis, and ribs undergo significant strain as they move and change, which can come with high levels of pain. On top of that, it is common for pregnant women to struggle with hormonal changes, mental and physical stress, and disturbed sleep patterns.

It is crucial to maintain strong levels of physical and mental health throughout pregnancy. This isn’t just important for your overall comfort during this time, but also to protect your long-term health. The steps you take today to help your body adjust to these changes can make your post-birth experience easier. No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, working with a healthcare professional to support your journey can offer major benefits.

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Physio for Pregnancy

When pregnant, the changing hormones will naturally soften your body’s supporting ligaments and muscles. This makes them more susceptible to strain and undergo damage. On top of that, it is extremely common for discomfort, pain, and changes in mobility to take place throughout the pregnancy journey.

The point of physiotherapy is to use physical techniques to improve movement, reduce pain, ease stiffness, boost the body’s natural healing process, and improve the overall quality of life for a patient. Unsurprisingly, these are all helpful goals for those going through pregnancy! Seeing a physio during pregnancy helps to maintain mobility and reduce strain or damage to muscles. As health professionals working specifically to help patients tackle problems with pain and movement, physios have a lot to offer pregnant women.

Women’s health physiotherapy is a strong option to help alleviate pregnancy symptoms. Here at Glen Eira Physiotherapy, we are uniquely positioned to support pregnant clients. Our physiotherapists have a special interest in this field and many years of experience in treating common musculoskeletal pregnancy complaints. Physio treatment techniques can be adjusted to target specific pregnancy symptoms, not only easing discomfort but also preparing your body to better handle the long-term effects of pregnancy such as pelvic pain.

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How Women’s Health Physiotherapy Can Help

Here at Glen Eira Physiotherapy, we have several experienced physios with a special interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain related to pregnancy. Why not visit a physio with a thorough understanding of the unique needs of a pregnant body? Common conditions treated by our physios include:

Sacro-iliac joint pain

Pain can radiate throughout the body. Saco-iliac joint pain is felt in one or both buttocks, typically alongside lower back pain.

Lower Back and Rib Pain

As the foetus grows, your posture is going to drastically change. This alteration of posture can commonly lead to significant lower back pain.Your body has to grow and change in order to accommodate your growing baby. As the rib cage expands to make room, the change can result in major rib pain.

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Pain in the pubic region is extremely common as pregnancy progresses. It is typically made worse by standing on one leg or excessive separation of legs.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pregnancy can be associated with the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms can include wrist pain, numbness, and pins and needles in the hand, which may get worse at night.

Thoracic pain

Pain around the bra strap commonly begins during pregnancy. The post-birth experience and breastfeeding can worsen this pain even more.

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

This condition often presents as a bulge running vertically down from the stomach. Throughout pregnancy, the tummy muscle separates and can result in this bulge. It is imperative that this is caught early and responded to swiftly so that you can receive the right advice and exercise instructions.


Your Pregnancy Physiotherapy Questions Answered


Why Choose Glen Eira Physiotherapy and Physiolates?

Uniquely Experienced Physios

With a team of physiotherapists who take a special interest in pregnancy treatments, you can trust that you’re coming to the right place. You will work with an experienced physio who has a thorough understanding of how to best support your health during this time.

Personalised Care

Your physio care is flexible and tailored entirely to your unique needs. Here at Glen Eira Physiotherapy, we take care to offer personalised treatment plans. This ensures that the care you receive is built around your needs, preferences, and goals.

Local Trust

For over 25 years, our clinic has been working hard to build a reputation of trust and reliability in our local area. We have served countless clients in Melbourne’s southeast, establishing ourselves as a cornerstone of physiotherapy in our region. Our team can also offer clinical pilates classes to support your health.


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The stress and discomfort of pregnancy are difficult enough. By visiting a physiotherapist, you can reduce symptoms and prepare your body for a healthier, stronger future. Physio treatment is about both immediate pain relief and long-term strength, prepping your body for birth and beyond. If you’re ready to see the impacts of physiotherapy, then don’t wait another day!Glen Eira Physiotherapy is ready to lend a hand. Our high-quality care can help you tackle a broad range of pregnancy problems, from pelvic pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. Call us today to ask any questions you may have about women’s health physiotherapy. Or kickstart your journey today by booking an appointment online!

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