Bike Fit Carnegie

If you are experiencing discomfort or pain whilst cycling, or have just bought a new bike, a proper bike fit is recommended to prevent discomfort and improve cycling performance. Having an assessment of your bike fit and cycling technique is a vital part of the fix for a cycling injury.

Our bike fitting physio Sarah, will assess the set-up of your bike, and alter it to minimize your pain and maximize your performance. She will also discuss postures and techniques during cycling, and will perform an assessment of your injury to provide you with the right rehabilitation to reduce your pain.

The alteration to your cycling position may include change of seat height and position, crank length or stem length, or just changes to rider’s position on the bike.

Sarah does bike fitting for all types of bikes, whether you are a serious cyclist or triathlete, or just like to cruise the cycle path on a mountain bike or hybrid.

We liaise with local cycling retailers to ensure that our clients can obtain the equipment best suited to their needs if required.

As the fit is done by a physiotherapist, the cost of your appointment may be claimable through your Private Health Fund.

Bike Fit Melbourne