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Neck Pain

Our mission is to relieve the strain neck pain has on you.

Is the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders?

Neck pain is very common, with about one in 10 people experiencing it at any given time. This comes as no surprise when we consider the activities of modern life such as sitting in front of a computer or watching prolonged periods of television. Sustained postures may increase the risk of developing neck pain, while for other people, neck pain may occur for no apparent reason.

Any degree of neck pain has the possibility of disrupting your daily life and making it more difficult and uncomfortable than it needs to be. When neck pain is affecting you, it’s important to seek treatment to address the pain as soon as possible. 


Want to Break Free from Neck Pain?

Up to 20% of adults in Australia report suffering from neck pain, with many going to healthcare professionals to seek treatment.

Seeing a physio for neck pain may be the best thing you can do for yourself. As physiotherapists are trained in musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain, they possess in-depth knowledge of the neck’s anatomy and biomechanics. This allows physios to assess and diagnose the underlying causes of neck pain. Through a thorough examination, they aim to identify muscle imbalances, joint dysfunctions, postural issues, or other contributing factors to the pain. With this understanding, physiotherapists develop personalised treatment plans that are tailored to you, your pain, and your needs. 

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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain treatment will generally differ from one person to another, as every person’s body and pain are different. After conducting a complete history, orthopaedic and neurological examination, your physiotherapist will recommend a course of treatment that aims to reduce pressure, restore movement and prevent recurrence.
These may include: 


We often provide education about how to move and look after your neck, including how to pace your activities with the aim of reducing pain. 


We offer postural advice and lifestyle advice geared towards preventing further strain. This may centre around practicing good posture, incorporating neck exercises, using proper ergonomic equipment, and more. 

Spinal Mobilisation

We may use a series of spinal mobilisations with the aim of restoring proper movement to the neck vertebrae. This involves gently moving and repositioning the vertebrae to relieve pressure on nerves. 


Tight neck muscles may be the cause of neck pain. Massage therapy helps to relax and release tension in targeted areas, promoting improved blood circulation and the release of endorphins, which may alleviate pain. 

Neck Exercises 

These exercises encourage improved movement and strengthening by focusing on improving neck flexibility, relieving muscle tension, and promoting neck stability. 

Heat/Ice Therapy 

We may use heat therapy to increase blood flow and relax muscles, and/or ice therapy which aims to reduce inflammation and provide relief from neck pain. 


Neck Pain Questions Answered

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Your Physio for Neck Pain

At Glen Eira Physiotherapy, we’ve been helping people throughout Melbourne’s south east to address their pain for over 25 years. We aim to provide you with the assistance you need, whether that be neck strengthening exercises, massage therapy, mobilisation, or another form of physiotherapy. By seeking our care, our experienced team of physiotherapists can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you so you can get back to what you do best! 

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