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Headaches are very common, with most of us having experienced them at some point in our lives. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) almost half of all adults worldwide will experience a headache in any given year.

They can affect anyone regardless of age or gender. There are a few types of headaches, depending on the source of pathology. It is important to understand and identify the type of headache you are experiencing to treat it effectively.


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Tension headaches or cervicogenic headaches are the most common type of headache. Pain starts gradually, usually increases by the afternoon. You might feel like a tight band is pressing around your head, or experience tightness or pain in your neck. This type of headache is caused by muscle tension, or can be referred pain from a dysfunction of the joint in your neck. Cervicogenic headaches can mimic a migraine, as the type of pain you might experience is similar, although the treatment will be very different. Therefore it is crucial to obtain a correct diagnosis to ensure effective treatment. Physiotherapy treatment is very effective treatment for cervicogenic and tension headaches.

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Headaches Treatment Carnegie



After establishing what is causing your headache, your physiotherapist will propose an individual treatment plan. It might consist of muscular release, mobilisation of stiff joint and heat therapy. Your physiotherapist will look at your posture, position and work set up, stress and even a pillow you regularly use, as it might all contribute to your pain. To ensure long lasting results your physiotherapist will prescribe you a set of rehabilitation exercises and stretches that will improve your posture and keep you pain free.

If you suffer from persistent headaches and some of the symptoms listed above are describing the pain you are experiencing, speak to one of our physiotherapists, and learn how you can relieve your symptoms.

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