Physiotherapy Restrictions Lifted

Physio Restrictions Lifted

It’s been a long two weeks, but it seems we are almost there. We are so grateful that you have all been so patient and understanding throughout this time whilst we adapt and change regularly to the restrictions placed on physiotherapy and clinical pilates. We are very pleased to inform you that almost all restrictions on physiotherapy have been lifted from midnight tomorrow. We are able to see anyone now who wishes to return for 1:1 Private Clinical Pilates sessions. We are hoping that groups will be back within a week, however at this stage we have been advised by the Chief Allied Health Officer that clinical pilates group classes and unsupervised sessions are still prohibited.

In the meantime, the clinic encourages anyone who would like to see their regular physio for a private supervised pilates session or a physiotherapy appointment to do so. In addition, we are also offering PRIVATE SUPERVISED SESSIONS AT GROUP PRICES with Melanie and Nathan only for a limited time. We have limited slots allocated for this purpose and will be booked on a week by week basis and will depend on availability. You are able to book these sessions online through our website as supervised pilates consults. Please ensure you choose Melanie or Nathan as the practitioner if you wish to take advantage of the discounted offer, otherwise, select your preferred practitioner at the full rate. We hope this helps some of you get moving!!

We are looking forward to the day we can see you all back in the clinic!!
The team at Glen Eira Physiotherapy and Physiolates.


Call reception on 9571-2111 to arrange a time OR book online.

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